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The big light

The big light

دوستان سلام . این یکی رو خودم بیشتر دوست دارم . 

امیدوارم از خوندنش لذت ببرید .  ;)









The big light



Got to the sky

go with a boat

move your wings

say this anecdote

birds of the blue

I'm telling you

fly to the sun

here you are done

just the one who flied has won

go up and win

the sky is high

here you will lose

here you will die

hear me agree or disagree

fly around me or you can flee

I had a candle that I used

turned around it flies and a moth

flies were small , moth was smart

asked itself :" why this light ? There's a big light in the sky . I t's a candle , clean and bright .  "

After that night I never saw

that moth in my room , my jaw

fell on the ground ,  it wasn't bound .

That moth was as free as a king

king isn't free as the bird's wing

for heaven it flied for moon

all those flies burnt themselves

for the moth I'm on the way moon

find the point of life , that beam

go behind your goal , your dream



Amir Hossein Sabbaghi  Mianai

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[ سه شنبه 18 / 03 / 1395 ] [ 15:55 ] [ امیر ]

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